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Our Story

Mood Food was created by friends with a common goal – to enhance the moments that deserve a little extra.


Back Story

When it came to edibles, we all had stories on both sides of the coin. Incredible experiences that were almost spiritual, and bad trips that felt downright demonic. Our team set out to create a product that would enhance the moments that matter without the fear of going over the edge often associated with edibles.

Mood Food uses hand curated, mood specific, recipes at low doses so you don’t have to worry about what you’re getting into. No more taking an edible to party and falling asleep on the dance floor, or to chill out and ending up paranoid and calling your ex. Mood Food gives you the opportunity to choose your own adventure and the freedom to enjoy it.



Mood Food exists to provide you the opportunity to augment your chosen moment and the freedom to enjoy it.

We believe in honesty, dependability, and sustainability in business and life. We will always use the highest quality of ingredients and only make products that we use ourselves.

Mood Food is made up of healthy competition, constant sketch comedy, and passionate MF’ers who want to push their limits and elevate the perception of the cannabis industry. We’re coming for the crown!



We spent months curating and testing different recipe combinations to achieve our desired effects. Using only the highest quality ingredients, we were able to create a product good enough that we love and use it ourselves, and we think others might too.

Each individual piece of Mood Food chocolate includes:

5mg Thc

A micro-dose of the quickest metabolizing edible THC for consistent dosing.

Mood Specific CBD

a cannabis derived 99%+ pure form of CBD to create a manageable feeling.


the most consistent form of essential oils to help enhance your mood.

other natural ingredients

such as coffee beans or sea salt made to fit the intended mood.


words from the nice mf'ers


“I found cannabis to help me sleep but soon found out it can do so much more for people. I’m proud to be building something that can help people enjoy life to the fullest.”



“Working on recipe development and finding the perfect ingredients to boost people’s moods is a dream come true. my parents are really proud I’m putting my degree in chemical engineering to use.”